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AK Fish and Game ---- Alaska Department of Fish and Game

AWA ---- Alaska Wildlife Alliance

ASONP ---- Alaska Society of Outdoor and Nature Photographers

NANPA ---- North American Nature Photography Association

UAF Aurora Forcast ---- Geophysical Institute - Univ of AK Fairbanks

Current Aurora "Radar" ---- Space.com's Aurora Cam - shows current auroral activity

Shasta Explorer ---- Adventure website for California and the Northwest States

Earthquake Info ---- US Geologic Service site

Alaska Earthquakes ---- Current earthquakes in Alaska

Chugach State Park ---- AK State Park information for Chugach State Park

Denali National Park ---- Denali National Park and Preserve information

B&H Photo Supplies ---- Quality photographic equipment over the internet

Magic Carpet Travel ---- Full service travel agency

McNeil River ---- Brown Bear viewing and lottery information

Tongass National Forest ---- Information for the largest wilderness area in the US - home to Anan Black Bear Observatory.